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About ikiōm

Hi, I’m Elie. Welcome!

ikiōm was founded in 2020 with the aim to help worldwide business leaders and entrepreneurs set their vision in motion.


ikiōm stands for “iki” – purpose in Japanese – and “om” – roots in Sanskrit – as I believe that one individual or organization well rooted in her/his purpose will deliver great things out there.


ikiōm’s focus is to make leaders’ strategy work in practice by providing actionable consulting in Innovation, Product, and Strategy. More about the Management Consulting service here.

ikiōm also supports impact and social entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life with business strategy advisory and early-stage investment. More about our Impact Ventures here.

Any inquiry? Reach out to hello@ikiom.com

My personal mission

As idealistic as it sounds – my mission is to leverage my time and resources to help make a positive and collective impact. Through ikiōm I wish to help business leaders and entrepreneurs amplify theirs.

I have a special affinity with everything digital and linked to sustainable development and education but more widely refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals when it comes to positive impact.

Feel welcome to reach out and connect on linkedin and twitter.

Elie Casamitjana ikiom impact consulting

A bit about my background

I sum around 15 years of experience across most stages of a business activity lifecycle within start-up, scale-up, and enterprise environments.

I ran various large transformation programs and launched, grew and managed international product lines in the digital and retail space. I also had the opportunity to design, recruit and grow various product and program teams.

Feel welcome to visit my Linkedin to check my pro journey and references.

I am passionate about all activities involved with bringing an idea to life.

From the very initial stage of the idea formation through Innovation & Strategy;

then idea validation through Product Management and Strategic Marketing;

and eventually idea scaling it into real-life business via Go-to-market, Organisation design, Strategic Planning, OKR, Portfolio, Delivery, and Program.

You’d like to read more? Check my Medium.

Nothing happens unless first a dream – Carl Sandburg

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