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Product Management – 9 Online Courses To Level Up Your Game

A few weeks ago, a tech start-up aiming to strengthen their product management reached out for advice as they were hiring their first Head of Product. When talking with the CEO, it appeared some of the start-up team members were willing and motivated to grow their knowledge in that area too. And there was quite a lot of product and customer knowledge within the team already. For the leader, training some key members of the team was a great opportunity that perfectly adds up with the new executive hire. Only left to figure out what product management courses were available out there.

When I started doing product, there were not many online product management courses so I learned most of my product know-how “on-the-job”, through my peers and being coached by mentors. The good news is that the landscape evolved a lot since then. I asked my network and their suggestions confirmed it. So, here is a list of 9 online courses to check out for anyone wanting to level up their product game.

Product School

Product School proposes certification programs through live and on-demand online product courses. They promote the quality of their instructors, top product leaders from top tech companies such Youtube, Netflix, Slack, Google, Linkedin, uber, etc. They designed 3 certifications for product managers, product leaders & product executives. The latter is a 20 hours program while the others deliver 40 hours of know-how.

Price starts around 4000€.

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The Product Institute

Subscription-based learning billed per student per year. Includes many product management trainings and masterclasses available on-demand.

Subscription starts around 1000€ per person.

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Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Institute designs and delivers a series of courses for market-driven product profesionnal based on their pragmatic institute framework. Online Courses are a mix of on-demand and live.

Courses start around 1000€.

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Mind The Product

One of the references in terms of Product gathering with a series of events in SF, around the globe, and now digitally. They also have a subscription model that gives access to additional knowledge and online trainings. Their slack community #mtpcon is told to be vivid.

Event attendance starting below 500€. Membership between 200 and 1000€ with various types of access.

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Product Management Festival

Live event that gathers many product experts from around the world.

Attendance a bit above 1000€.

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Two-week intensive sprints designed to get you into product.

Starting around 300€ euros.

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Reforge offers a membership that includes live programs and ongoing access to courses and know-how as well as access to a community of vetted peers.

Membership starts around 2000€ per year with pricing options for teams.

More info.

Productized Masterclass

Productized recently launched a live Masterclass gathering product leaders with 2 tracks (B2C and B2B). Next one is happening in May 2021.

Price starts at 149€ with options for teams.



The Product Refinery

The Product Refinery offers a online masterclass with focus on coaching skills for product leaders with a tailored approach.

Around 500€ per person.

More info.


So, this was a list of online courses I heard positive words about. Hopefully, you can find something of interest for you and your teams. If you have any other courses you’d like to recommend, feel welcome to add them in the comments. Always interested to widen perspectives.

Also, when asking product professionals how they keep growing their skills and know-how they advised various blogs, product experts, and podcasts. I’ll write about that soon.

Meanwhile, I wish you a lot of fun designing, building, and shipping awesome products for a better world.

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